The Colette Clover Pants

One of my favorite things is the Clover pant pattern from Colette Patterns.  They are really easy to sew and there is even a sew-along on the Colette website to help if you get stuck with the pockets and waistband.

I love these pants.  Except for one thing – the fabric.  The pattern calls for stretch fabric such as poplin, gabardine, pique or wool blend with 3% lycra.  Since I live in the warm climate of the southwest,  I choose a navy blue stretch poplin.


They turned out really lovely but every time I wear them, within minutes, the pants are all stretched out and hang on me.  I’m very unhappy with the fabric and wish I had used a non-stretch denim or some other, hardier fabric.  I purchased the fabric online some time ago and I thought it was a better quality fabric.  Perhaps it wasn’t because it stays stretched out. 

In the past when buying stretch jeans, I was told that you should buy the next size smaller to allow for stretching.  That way, the pants don’t appear to hang on you.  Perhaps I should have done this with the Clover pants – sewn the smaller size.  I’ll have to go on to see what those wise women have to say.  I’m just not sure if it is a fabric issue or a fitting issue.

In the meantime, I’ve cut another pair, this time in red stretch poplin in the same size.  I love the color and want to wear them before summer is over, especially since bright pants are so in now.  But, before I go any further, I will have to do my homework.  I might have to cut these smaller.  Heheheh, drat the luck!



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