Friends, I’m sitting here enjoying my iced Earl Grey black tea from Tazo Teas and I’m reflecting on how my tastes have changed over the years. You see, I’ve been a tea totaller all my life. Never much cared for coffee. It was tea. Always tea. Unsweetened, unflavored black tea. I literally grew up drinking copious amounts of unsweetend iced tea. We always had a jug in the refrigerator and tea bags were a staple in our cupboards and I’ve blissfully developed my tea-tooth over the years.

When I moved away from home and began buying my own tea, I stuck to the basics – Lipton black tea bags. I never bough instant tea – never a fan of it. I always brewed my own. I could tolerate tea in restaurants and fast food joints without issue althought, I could always tell if the tea was stale because it would taste like olives.

As such, I find I’ve become quite a snob about tea. Over the years I’ve graduated from Lipton teas to Luzianne (slightly better) then onto the Twinings teas – preferrablly the English and Irish Breakfast Teas. I’ve enjoyed green teas, mostly with mint and not lemon. If I want lemon, I will drink lemonade. I’ve tried the organic teas and specialty teas, never flavored because I love the strong, bitter taste of black tea. It is what I’ve found most refreshing. I drink my chamomile teas flavored with orange and roses on nights when I need to relax. It works better than wine! I drink my teas out of plastic cups, glasses, fancy tea cups that I purchased at Disneyland. Lately however, I’ve really fallen in love with Earl Gray tea and I can say that it only really began to appeal to me within this past year or so. I never really cared for it before then, strangely.

I find it interesting that so many tea houses have sprung up. Teavana is the Starbucks of the tea craze right now. I’ve gone in and sampled some of their teas and as usual, I’m not a fan of all the sweetening and flavors. Tea is the one bitter thing I enjoy.

I do like their tea pots and cups. They are nice, if a little pricey. I haven;t gone the way of loose tea just yet. I think it might be because of time restraints. That, and the fact that I prefer iced tea to hot tea so I’m far happier with a glass jug and some sunshine to make my tea.

One of the funnest things I’ve done with tea however, was having a high tea for my family complete with cucumber sandwiches, devonshire cream, shortbread and strawberries. I served mint tea, black tea, Earl Gray and English Breakfast teas. I pulled out my good china plates and cups and silver. It was a fun time and something I would very much like to do again.

So, tell me, how do you enjoy your tea?


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