My name is Beverly Miller and I am an older mother – again – with two adult children and a 3 year old.  I will be blogging about a few things – mainly sewing,crafting,  gardening, preserving and the chickens I hope to have soon.

I’m a sewer – have been since my own mother taught me but, I’m not very good.  Ah, well.  Such is life.  I just have to try and try again, heh.  I tend to collect fabric and other sewing items, including books and magazines.  So, apparel sewing, quilting and cloth doll making.  Whew!  But, I love every minute of it.

In addition to sewing, I’ve also been a jewelry maker and I dabble in knitting.  I’ve never made anything from my knitting but I like that I can take it anywhere and it keeps my hands busy – as if having a toddler in the house doesn’t keep my busy enough!

I’m in escrow on 3 acres in So California which I’m hoping to turn into a small farm with chickens and vegetables.  I like growing and preserving my own food since I work in the food industry and I know what most people do not.  Trust me, you don’t want to know!  But, I still like the idea of being self-sufficient and living a sustainable life.

If you happened to wonder at the name of this blog, it has to do with my nerdiness.  The nerd in me still likes to play role-playing games with a large group of friends.  I have many alter egos in these games but they are culminate into one character. Hence, the name – Allmother Jove.


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